When somebody says they are giving away something for free, it's hard to not want to perk up and find out more.

Free is free, right? Who doesn't like free?

Well, Kona Ice is giving away free shaved ice as part of their Chill Out Day 2023, according to their website.

It's all to help you relax on National Tax Day, which can be a pretty stressful day, but let's be real here. You can enjoy a sweet treat in honor of pretty much anything: because it's a Tuesday, because it's spring, because you just want to treat yo self.

You can use the Kona Ice map here to help you find a location to get your free shaved ice.

But just to help you narrow it down, Kona Ice is located in Maine and New Hampshire at the following spots:

  • Ted's Fried Clams, 222 Emery Mills Rd, Shapleigh, Maine
  • 900 Main Street By Partners Bank, Sanford, Maine
  • 17 Lafayette Rd, Hampton, New Hampshire
  • 14 Manning St, Derry, New Hampshire
  • 80 Premium Outlets Blvd, Merrimack, New Hampshire
  • 194 West St, Kenne, New Hampshire

Will you be making the trip for some free shaved ice? What helps you relax on a stressful day?

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