Is New England always this active when it comes to wacky animal news, or has 2023 been exceptional? It’s definitely been a big year for dogs.

First, we had the dog from Massachusetts that was apprehended as a Granite State fugitive. Then, we had the pugs that hiked every major mountain in the state.

Now, we have a Vermont dog that has learned to ride a scooter. As reported by WMUR, a 12-year-old human named Katie has taught her canine friend, Lola, how to reach the mailman or the garbage truck just a little bit faster.

Not only can Lola the Labradoodle push off the ground with her own paws; she can also go down the neighborhood hill all by herself. So, if you live in the Vermont community of Essex, don’t be surprised if your DoorDash driver is a little short.

When speaking to Vermont’s NBC 5, Kate the Human had a pretty poignant explanation for the duo’s bond:

“She’s like a dog version of me. She makes me feel better when I’m sad, and she’s very lovable.”

Of course, if you’re going to try and train your own dog to ride a scooter, you want to be careful. Not just for your dog’s safety, but for those around you.

So, it’s important for you to consider these helpful Dos and Don’ts for Teaching Your Dog to Use a Scooter:

Do: Train your dog from the road.

Don’t: Train her on the treadmill at Planet Fitness.

Do: Get your dog a helmet.

Don’t: Tell people you’re buying your dog a helmet.

Do: Cheer your dog on while she’s scootering.

Don’t: Run the vacuum.

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