With the winter weather upon us, it's officially the time of year when funny videos of people interacting with the snow and ice begin circulating the Internet.

Last week, footage of Massachusetts college students wiping out on an icy sidewalk gathered millions of views on TikTok. Now, the most recent video to go viral features New Hampshire news anchor Troy Lynch who, according to his Facebook, has spent the last five months working for WMUR as a weekend evening news anchor and reporter.

In the TikTok (shown below), Troy is seen providing news coverage of last week's snowstorm, and having the time of his life while doing so. From making snow angels to having a snowball fight with a coworker, building a fort, and even chilling out with a David Ortiz bobblehead before placing him on a snowy throne ("Big snow equals Big Papi", Troy states), there's no doubt that this man not only loves his job, but is a natural at it.

The video currently has over 6.5M views at the time of this writing. It's clear that people are big fans of Troy, his positive attitude (despite being in a snowstorm at ~7:20 AM), and the fun that he has while at work. Everyone dreams of having a job that doesn't feel like a chore, right?

So, shoutout to Troy for being awesome at what he does. We have no doubt that this news anchor is going places.

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