There may not be a bright, red nose on this reindeer, but it's mesmerizing just the same.

That's right, there's an amazing ice sculpture of Rudolph the iced-nose reindeer right near the Dover Christmas tree.

And you'll want to check it out in person just to see how awesome and intricate the ice carving is before it melts away. (Hopefully, there are no rainy storms on the way to wash it away faster).

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If you want to see how the ice carving came together, Dover Main Street Facebook page provided a neat behind-the-scenes look.

In the video, Dennis Hickey and Dave Soha got right to work on Friday in front of the Dover Christmas tree at the Rotary Arts Pavilion.

The video provides a sweet time-lapse look as the ice sculpture is formed. That includes the use of chainsaws, and is that a flamethrower? Or at least it's some kind of fire tool to put the glossy finishing touches on the ice piece.

And these guys worked on it at night until the completed product was done.

It's the perfect addition to the holidays, and the red glow of lights on the ice sculpture really makes it pop. There were even a few Christmas trees sculpted to go along with it.

If you feel like making you're own ice sculpture, here's a how-to video guide to do just that:

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