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My husband was at last night’s Red Sox game against the Astros and he said the energy in Fenway Park was ELECTRIC!

It did not feel like a regular-season game. Playoff vibes were in the air and I think we know why. Even though there was technically a season last year, it simply wasn’t the same. Who wants a whole section to yourself at a Sox game? It’s all about making friends with your neighbors and bonding with strangers.

Many of us haven’t been to Fenway since before the pandemic and gosh darn it, we missed it! We missed belting out the words of “Sweet Caroline” loud and proud and very off-key.

We missed the savory goodness of a Fenway Frank loaded with all the fixings. We even missed the scalpers standing outside the stadium trying to sell us counterfeit tickets for top dollar.

The park began operating at full capacity again on May 29th so this was one of the first home games with a full crowd, hence the electric energy.

It was SUCH a magical night, some dude decided to take his clothes off and run across the field in celebration:

DANG! That tackle looked like it hurt! The whoops and groans from the crowd make me feel like I was there.

All right, it's settled, I MUST go to a Sox game this year. Who's with me?

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