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Rarely do I have solid plans when I go camping...probably a bad way to go about camping...but it also creates some of the best camping memories I've ever had.

JUST like the one I am about to tell you about.

In New Hampshire, and I would have to assume other surrounding states, many campgrounds are first come first serve. This is so the campgrounds don't get booked up with no shows. Not fair to those who actually show up.

Last weekend I went up to the White Mountains later than usual on a Friday. All the first come first serve campsites were booked. All of the sites that took reservations, you guessed it, booked.


I did one more google search as it was turning dark and approaching the 9 pm hour.

The Barn Door Hostel popped up in my search and I am so glad that it did. It is now one of, if not my #1, go to camping spot.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

Located in Rumney, NH, the Barn Door Hostel offer a variety of ways to stay - for cheap. Since we were arriving late, we only had one option: the lower campground field.

I was pumped to hear it was only $11 to stay in the field and that it would be one of the best star gazing experiences in New Hampshire.

And it was.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

The Barn Door Hostel, and lower campground field, were exactly what was described. A large, well maintained, grass field that was open for campers. There were 12 communal fire rings and 12 communal picnic tables. The stars at night were just amazing.

The property was incredible, the amenities were far more than we expected, and the people are why we will come back. When we arrived, again almost 9 pm, two employees delivered a wheelbarrow full of firewood to my tent site.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

On site there were three outhouses, an outdoor shower, polish horseshoes to play, a slack line to practice on, a badminton net, water jugs to fill your bottles, and more.

There was a running brook right next to the field that had a sign clarifying what kind of activities took place after dark...Clothing option of course.

Let's just say after a long day of hiking or climbing...when in Rome! Brook bath it is.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood


Overall, it was a really amazing place to stay. My favorite part took place over the course of a few hours. After a dip in the brook, and while prepping dinner over the fire, I noticed the community around me. Campers were mingling, telling stories of rock climbing or hiking during the day. Drinks were being passed around and friendships were being made around loud laughter and conversations. Come 10 PM - nothing. The entire field, full of people and dogs, fell silent. The respect for everyone around each other and nature all came full circle as the field of people simultaneously appreciated the stars above our heads.

Although silent, I felt very connected. To myself, my partner, and everyone in the field.

I cannot recommend camping here enough, and I will certainly be back.

The Barn Door Hostel is perfect for last minute plans, as the field holds up to 70 people, and they will likely have open spots in the field.

For that same reason, the location is perfect for large groups. Claim a fire ring and picnic table with 5, 10, 15 friends.

The Hostel is also perfect for those travelling through New Hampshire. Stay in a bed, away from the field, and get a great night sleep.

I would venture to say this place is even great for families. If you want to be in a safe place with tons of amenities, games, a brook, and trails near by, the Barn Door Hostel is for you.

Below are all of the ways to stay at the Barn Door Hostel.

1. The lower campground field - $11.

2. Glamping tent - Up to four people in a spacious pre made tent - $115.

3. Baker eight - eight bunk beds in one room - $30 per bed.

4. Pemi ten - ten bunk beds in one room -  $30 per bed.

5. Brook Bunk - one room with one bunk bed - $75.

6. Barn Door Bus - a glamping stay with hard walls, floor, ceiling. An old bus turned into home - $125.

7. BlackJack Boulder Pad - a wooden structure to prop up a tent on, so you are off the ground - $30.

8. Lake Loft - hammock hanging space only - $22.

Some of the bunk beds would be in this building:

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

To book in advance, or to check out more, click here to see their website.

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