You ever wake up on a weekend morning at 7am and really want a Bloody Mary in the worst way, but all the booze serving establishments don't open until 11 am? What's a thirsty girl to do? Wait until a more appropriate hour to start drinking? Yeah, I guess so.

There are a couple of instances when it's socially acceptable to partake in an alcoholic beverage in the wee hours of the morning.

1) if you are watching an international sporting event, aka the World Cup or the rare game when Patriots play overseas.

2) St. Paddy's Day.

This begs the question: legally, what is the earliest a bar can serve a drink in New Hampshire?

According to, restaurants and bars may sell beer, wine, and spirits from 6 am to 1 am. Now, the challenge is finding an establishment that is willing to open at that hour. I know TJ's in downtown Portsmouth opened extremely early for thirsty world cup fans when that was on.

Did you know we have some dry towns here in the Granite State? Sources say Ellsworth is a dry town, and completely prohibits the sale of any alcoholic beverage. Other towns greatly restrict alcohol sales. They are Brookfield, Canterbury, Dummer, Eaton, Hancock, Hebron, and New Castle. Also Orange, Sandwich, Temple, Tuftonboro, and Washington.

Also, just because a restaurant can legally sell at 5 AM does not mean they will.  There is a good chance that some places are not going to be ready to serve you a Jack & Coke with your pancakes and sausage.

What New Hampshire restaurant do you visit when you're craving an early morning cocktail? Man, I sound like I have a real problem! I am simply gathering data, please don't judge me.

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