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Let me start off by saying that there are so many jobs right now everywhere. Maine is no exception. Literally every place that I went to, in one day, had a "we're hiring" sign on the door or window.

But really, I am not kidding. Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time position there are so many job openings available (especially if you are looking for a retail, restaurant, or fast food position).

What is amazing is that a lot of job openings that I have seen are offering MORE than minimum wage. Most positions that I have driven past or walked by is offering a starting rate of at least $15 an hour (which honestly, is not bad at all).

So what is the minimum wage in Maine?

According to Maine.gov, at the start of this year (2022), the minimum wage increased by 60 cents. In 2021, the minimum wage was $12.15, making the minimum wage now $12.75. Maine.gov states that Maine law requires the minimum wage to annual be adjusted based on the cost of living index for the Northeast Region.

We all know that servers (or any tipped position) make less than minimum wage, however, they do have a "tip wage." According to Maine.gov, "tip wage" also increased for 2022. The new "tip wage" or service employee minimum wage is not $6.38 per hour. Maine.gov states that with this wage along with tips, the service employee needs to be able to still hit the $12.75 an hour (meaning that they need to make $6.37 an hour in tips).

If you are looking to get into the service industry, you can find more information on wages here.

Knowing that the minimum wage is $12.75, it is great to see so many places hiring with a starting rate of at least $15. If you are looking for a position (or another part-time position) now seems like a great time to apply.

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