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Forever known as 'Royals', Rochester's beloved pizza house at the corner of Portland and Main Street has now been shuttered for eight years.

Royal Pizza
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This location at 52 South Main Street looks quite similar to the day when the owner's put up a hand scrawled cardboard sign that read 'Closed For Rest'.

As the years go by without any updates, anywhere, the more I think that sign meant 'Closed For Rest Of Recorded Time'.

Their pizza was unlike any I've had before or since, with that tangy blend of mozzarella and cheddar with a sauce that was somehow both sweet and bold.

Put it in the fridge overnight and it almost transformed into a dessert.

And a large cheese cost nine bucks. NINE.

I wonder if they'd have stayed in existence, would they have FINALLY put a ten dollar price tag on it?

Their subs were outstanding too, and had a consistency, quality and quantity that was also unlike anywhere else.

The thing that I can't understand is that everybody I talk to in Rochester will speak about this place in hushed toned with a tear in their eye, yet, the building remains there, looking exactly as it did on that sad day when they 'Closed For Rest'.

I have to think that a wily restauranteur, especially one who was familiar with their unique flavors and toppings, would take the place over and at least TRY to replicate some of their dishes?

Or would it be like trying to repaint The Mona Lisa?

Perhaps some masterpieces truly can never be duplicated.

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