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There's no exact date on the calendar that marks the official day for when it's time to turn the heat on. That would take away the debate on when it’s appropriate to start heating your place up but I don’t think we would ever agree on when that right time is.

Some turn it on in September and others don't even turn it on at all.

When is the right time to turn the heat on?

This apparently varies drastically for everyone. There’s starting to be a slight frost in the mornings and there is an evident chill in the air at night, so the contemplation on whether it’s time to turn the heat on or not has begun.

Do we wait until it snows? Do we turn it on when the calendar hits the first day of fall? Is it when we have to whip out the weighted blanket?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a partner who I didn’t argue with about the temperature of the house. I like it to be cold. I don’t get a say on when the heat turns on but if it were up to me, I could probably survive the entire winter in Maine without touching it. I love layering up, I love a chill to my bone, and I am happy and safe under my 15-pound blanket.

This could also be due to the fact that I am a born-and-raised stubborn Mainer. I think holding off as long as possible to turn the heat on is a pride thing for us.

Well, we asked Mainers when they think the right time to turn the heat on is here in Maine and some of their answers are pretty funny...

This is When Mainers Decide it's Time to Turn on the Heat!

There's starting to be a frost in the air in the mornings... When is it time to turn the heat on? Mainers hilariously respond to this question and let us know when it's officially time to turn on the heat.

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