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According to their Facebook page, Kelley's Row will re-open Tuesday May 4.

There was a lot of news in this update as to what to expect at Kelley's Rowe for the spring and summer of 2021.

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Google Maps

For those of you Kelley's Row superfans, you are very much aware that they went into 'hibernation' during the holidays due to health and safety concerns.

Aside from the exhilarating declaration that they'll return with lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, on Tuesday May 4, they will also open a brand new retail store.

You can get those incredible steak tips and seafood AND what I like to call, take and bake meals. They'll be steak tips, salads, bakery items and burgers there too as well as their steak tips.

Kelley's Row will offer curbside pick up as well as the gigantic tent for outdoor dining options thanks to their friends at Holmwood's Furniture.

For the time being, breakfast hours will not be available due to staffing shortages but that doesn't mean that situation is permanent. After all, we've all gone through the worst pandemic in a century, give it some time people!


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