Musing about the First Snowfall of the Season Already

I am musing about when we are getting snow already.  Last year after the tree went up in Rochester, we got a beautiful snowfall, and it really put me in the mood for the holidays.

Christmas, not Halloween.

I was thinking back to a Halloween a few years ago when an unexpected snowfall hit when I was attending a Halloween party and chaos ensued. My wife had a thin costume, no coat, and was freezing.

Based on the odds from, I think we are safe this Halloween.

When will we get the First Snowfall?

One thing is certain, it will be on Mount Washington.  But since most of us don’t have a commute that includes the top of Mount Washington, it’s not very concerning.  It is extremely beautiful to see the snow on Mount Washington. To really nail down the date you have to follow your local weather forecast but to get a rough idea, has an interactive map that you can zoom in on your town and get historical information like the date of when you can expect some snow.

It’s Interesting to See the Historical Data

When you go to the interactive map, you can plug in your zip code and zoom in to discover “Historic date by which there’s a 50% chance of at least 0.1” of snow on the ground, according to

For fun, I plugged in Rochester’s zip code and found out that the historic date of the first snow was on November 7.

I looked at Boston and it seems they have had some very early snowfalls in recent seasons.  While no statistics can give you an exact date of when you will see snow, this site’s interactive map gives you a rough idea of when you should have some snow tires on your car.

Happy Winter!


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