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The polarization of America is never-ending. We love conflict, our opinions, and uniting our opinions against anything that goes against it.

So there is no surprise that people across the world, particularly on Twitter, were #TeamChris or #TeamWill after the slap heard around the world took place.

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The moment was cringeworthy. Although the slap will go down in Oscar history, provided us with meme gold, and is something very entertaining to talk about, it has created a lot of controversy.

Instead of agreeing the slap heard around the world was uncomfortable and leaving it at that, Americans are taking sides. There is no middle - you are either team Will or team Chris.

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According to an article by WLNS, Bet Online AG collected data from more than 200,000 tweets that included hashtags like #TeamChris or #TeamWill. They used this data, as well as supportive phrases for either performer, to create a map of the polarization.

Like everyone else will be, I was very interested to see where my state, New Hampshire, fell into this category. Do Granite State folk respect the slap and the defending of Jada? Or are we New Hampshire people collectively angry at Will Smith?

According to more than 200,000 tweets at the time, New Hampshire is only one of nine states that support Will Smith.

Other #TeamWill states were Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Clearly in the majority were all other 41 states. I was surprised to find out there was such divide between Maine and New Hampshire.

According to WLNS, Maine supported Chris Rock more than any other state. 98.2 percent of tweets were in favor of #TeamChris.

Regardless of the inevitable divide, we can somehow find common ground to appreciate this epic moment in Oscar history.

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