There are two blondes who have captured the hearts and wallets of many Americans in the past year.

There are two blondes who march to their own beat, make their own rules, and celebrate brains, beauty, and creativity.

These two blondes are also the top two Halloween costumes overall this year in the country, although state by state, there's still plenty of room for more traditional and ghoulish themes.

Yes, those two blondes are who you think they are...Barbie and Taylor Swift.  They are the most dressed-up skeletons on lawns this year, and the most talked-about women in 2023.  They each have movies out, and each are worth millions and millions of dollars.

JC Olivera/Getty Images
JC Olivera/Getty Images

If we look beyond the blondes, the most popular Halloween costumes are still very traditional.  Here's a look at the most popular costumes, according to

Maine - Vampire and Wednesday Addams

Massachusetts - Skeleton and Weird Barbie (from Barbie movie)

New Hampshire - Witch and Barbie

Vermont - Skeleton and Wednesday Addams

Rhode Island - Skeleton and Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

Connecticut - Skeleton and Barbie

Wednesday ATAS Official | Netflix
Getty Images for Netflix

Based on these results, it looks like a black-haired beauty is the third most popular pop culture costume in New England this year...and her name is Wednesday.

Happy Halloweening!

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