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It's a natural feeling to sit back and reflect about the "good ole days." Who doesn't like to reminisce about the fun and excitement of, well, being younger? There's nothing like sitting around with your lifelong friends discussing and debating about the past.

Sadly, it's not always for positive reasons. Sometimes it's a must to look back and reflect on the bad news that hit us throughout the years. It's impossible to ignore. And occasionally, the worst news comes with business closures.

Let's be honest, this country loves its commerce. We all have our favorite stores, especially growing up. I remember specifically going to the same spots every year for back-to-school shopping. So, when one of your favorite spots closes its doors, it can be a punch to the gut.

Plenty of those businesses that have gone under were pretty big favorites of yours truly. I'm pretty sure many children who grew up in Maine in the '80s and '90s, like me, can very much relate.

Going to the Maine Mall in present times is like walking into a World's Fair. I practically recognize nothing. All I see are the stores that used to be there. It's a very eerie, yet kind of comfortable feeling. Let's take a closer look at some.

It's funny how much I miss Woolworth. It was such a fixture at the mall. It was an ideal spot for inexpensive Christmas presents, and who could forget the lunch counter? I remember sitting there with my friends and acting like we were hotshots at a bar in the Old Port.

Then there was KB Toys. I bet I spent more money in that store than any other in the mall. It was the go-to for toys, stuffed animals, and even video games. It was also always packed to the gills with screaming children.

Just outside the mall was Borders Books & Music. It was the first place I ever experienced this drink called "espresso." Boy, did that change my life forever. Borders also had so many albums to sample. You could literally sit in there and listen to entire albums if you wanted.

Then there was Circuit City, which was the store where '90s high school kids spent all their money to trick out their car stereo systems. So many subwoofers were sold in that decade. There are probably countless ruined car frames from all of that ridiculous vibration.

Below is a list of 50 iconic retail chains that have sadly said goodbye. Many of these found a home in Maine. What stores do you miss the most? What fond memories do you still have from shopping at some of these?

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