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You can literally sleep under the stars at this Airbnb in Jefferson, Maine, that really brings a new meaning to glamping.

Superhost Seth, Airbnb
Superhost Seth, Airbnb

It's a giant hilltop dome, where you can choose to lay in bed and look at nature and its inhabitants, or go out and explore the area before spending the night under the sky.

There are other domes in this area, so know that you will not be out there alone. Therefore the idea of a see-through sounds a bit strange, I mean you don't want everyone watching you all night.

However, it is your choice if you want to have other people around you (or animals) watch you while you sleep. The dome does have a sunshade to cover the dome so that no one can see in when you choose to go to bed. Though it would be amazing to wake up to the sunrise.

Superhost Seth, Airbnb
Superhost Seth, Airbnb

This Airbnb makes this glampsite a bigger experience than just being able to look out at nature and the stars. They offer great amenities such as the main house where you can use Wi-Fi and have a space to do any needed work (as well as restrooms), a fire pit with wood, solar power to charge phones and other small items, and picnic tables and chairs, and homemade whoopie pies.

If you're worried about getting cold, the domes are actually heated from October to May.

The Airbnb is only a short drive away from hiking trails, lakes, the ocean, and coastal towns. However, you don't have to travel too far to partake in some activities. The Airbnb host offers rentals for kayaks, inflatable paddleboards, and camping cooking equipment.

If you are looking for a local getaway, this is defiantly a different experience that seems to have just about everything. It also is good for someone that wants to go camping but does not want to sleep in a tent all night.

For more information, you can check out this Maine Airbnb here.

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