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Did you know this?  I just found out that some New England states allow you to get a one-day license without that whole being ordained' thing, so that you can perform a wedding ceremony.

Planning that special day to be as personalized as possible has taken many turns for couples who are looking for something unique. And now that's a bit easier when it comes to who officiates your wedding.

Skydiving Marriage
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Whether it's skydiving or SCUBA diving, Vegas, or on a beach or mountain top, we've seen and heard about couples getting married in a variety of ways.  Opting out of the more formal or traditional weddings for that personal, individualized feel has been going on for awhile, and that includes who performs the ceremony.

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We all know those couples over the years that had a friend or family member perform the marriage ceremony. That meant jumping online and getting ordained, first.  Even Joey in "Friends" was ordained and married Monica and Chandler as well as Phoebe and Mike.

However, if you're getting married in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island then rejoice.  All your friend or family member needs to do, according to the state websites, is apply for what's called a One-Day Marriage Designation.  It's basically a special one-day marriage officiant certificate.

In Maine as well as Connecticut and Vermont, your friends and family still need to jump online to get ordained according to those government websites.

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