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Nantucket Island

If you’ve never visited this Massachusetts island you’re missing out. It’s quintessential coastal New England. Crashing waves, lighthouses, sandy beaches, restaurants, cobblestone, and so much more. This summer you may be able to soak up the Nantucket sun sans top.

Brant Point Lighthouse - Nantucket, MA - USA
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Gender Equality on Beaches

The Cape Cod Times reports that a Nantucket bylaw amendment titled “Gender Equality on Beaches has been proposed. This amendment is written to allow for any gender to be topless while on a beach in Nantucket. The individual behind this is Dorothy Stover after wanting to lay out topless like male counterparts and not being able to and even noting in an interview with Cape Cod Times, “Some men have bigger breasts than I do."


To date, there hasn’t been much in the way of strong disagreement of the proposal which will be voted on during the town meeting on May 2nd. This does not mean topless beaches will be greenlit immediately, however. As the Cape Cod Times reports the change still needs approval by the Massachusetts attorney general as being topless in public as a female falls under the state law of lewd and lascivious behavior which comes with a penalty of up to 3 years in prison and up to a $300.

At the earliest topless beaches could be the norm for Nantucket come Summer 2023.

This definitely isn’t out of the realm of possibilities either. According to 30a.com , there’s a nude portion of Moshup Beach on Martha’s Vineyard. There’s also Longnook Beach on Cape Cod according to Nudist Compass.

Equality in Sunbathing

Is sunbathing dude my jam? I’m not so sure. There are just some areas that I feel like would burn easily. In a time of body positivity and a push for gender equality it certainly doesn’t surprise me that there is a push for normalizing toplessness. Not to mention the #freethenipple movement.

What do you think? Should the option of toplessness for everyone be the new norm? Is it too far? Let us know what you think through our app!

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