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It's coming sooner than you think.  Snow season is almost here, and while that makes some people shudder, many get giddy thinking about another magnificent ski season.

If you are a skier, snowboarder, snowmobiler, or just love the glistening winter snow, you will love what I am about to tell you.

Most of the major ski mountains are now making snow because it's finally cold enough.  The trails are being covered by large amounts of man-made snow, but as an intermediate skier, I can't always tell the difference.

One thing's for sure.  Snow making = snow skiing and snowboarding, and that is exciting.

When I was good at skiing, I preferred the newly fallen snow and made trips to ski out West in the powder.  I did notice that those who commonly ski in the East can ski anywhere.

Have you ever skied down the slopes in the afternoon on the non-sunny slope side? It's skiing on ice, treacherous, but exhilarating.  By the time you make the trip out West, you're worried you won't remember how to ski on powder.

That's exactly what the mountains are doing in New Hampshire, Maine, and the rest of New England right now.  They're making snow to get a good base, so when the snow finally arrives, the mountain resort doesn't have to wait for enough snow for a base.

There are a few different types of snow guns, like these at Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford, N, Cranmore Mountain Resort in Conway, NH , and Pat's Peak Ski Area in Henniker, NH.

Check this out.  Now you see the grass and brush, and with some around the clock  snowmaking, you only see the beauty of the snow covered ground, which means the resorts are closer to being open for the ski season.

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