MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is truly one of the biggest YouTube creators there is. He’s currently sitting on 87.8 million subscribers. Forbes placed him at #2 on their list of The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars of 2020. He is second only to kid-star Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World and beat out popular channels like Dude Perfect, Markiplier, Blippi, and the controversial Jeffree Star.

According to that article in Forbes, MrBeast amassed 3 billion views and earned $24 million. It’s no doubt that now heading into 2022 he has smashed those numbers.

MrBeast Burger

MrBeat’s tastiest brainchild is MrBeast Burger. MrBeast Burger keeps things relatively simple, only serving burgers, fries, and a couple of other sandwiches, and being only available via delivery. To celebrate this endeavor early on, he did set up a drive-through where everything was free. Guests even took home cash with their burgers.

Ghost Kitchen

The ghost kitchen concept has been gaining popularity, especially since the advent of ordering food through apps and third-party delivery services. Even celebrity chef Guy Fieri owns one, Flavortown Kitchen. While there are currently no locations in Maine, New Hampshire has three; Manchester, Nashua, and Salem.

Ghost Kitchens aren’t typically stand-alone restaurants, but part of a larger shared kitchen. (If you own a restaurant and want to partner with MrBeast you can do so here.)

Where to Find MrBeast Burger

The only way to order is through the MrBeast Burger apps or you may find them on third-party delivery services apps. There are three kitchens in Maine:

52 Stephen King Drive
Sharing a kitchen with Red Robin

26 Front Street
Sharing a kitchen with Sea Dog Brew Pub

800 Gallery Boulevard
Sharing a kitchen with Red Robin

And four in New Hampshire:

1500 S Willow Street
Sharing a kitchen with Red Robin

406 Amherst Street
Sharing a kitchen with Bertucci’s

310 Daniel Webster Hwy
Sharing a kitchen with Red Robin

99 Rockingham Park Blvd
Sharing a kitchen with Red Robin

Remember these locations cannot be visited for MrBeast Burger. Some may allow counter pickup which you can see here. Otherwise, it’s delivery only.

These burgers are definitely worth checking out, not only because they look absolutely delicious and the concept of a ghost kitchen is so cool, but the packaging is bright and fun too.

Be sure to download the MrBeast Burger app to order. Find download links for Android and Apple on the MrBeast Burger website here.

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