Blame gym closures and recreational restrictions. Blame the combined challenges of remote learning and remote workplaces. There were numerous reasons to pack on the pounds in 2020.

The good news is that 2021 has arrived just in time for a reality check. Amid the typical pledges for weight loss, fitness goals, and “Dry January”, we can still find ways to create a balance between accountability and self-care. A nutritious restaurant meal is the perfect way to break diet monotony, as well as to support the local economy.

Whether you prefer to dine-in or order takeout, the seacoast serves up numerous options that will satisfy every appetite. From surf to turf and greens to grains, here are a dozen entrees that will tease your tastebuds, while sparing your waistline.

Addresses, menus, and prices are available on individual restaurant websites listed below.

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New Hampshire


Sonny’s Tavern - Autumn Salad with fall squash, roasted beets, apple, quinoa, cranberry, flax, walnuts, and cider vinaigrette. Add grilled shrimp for a hearty meal.

Chapel + Main - Kabocha Squash Soup (dairy and gluten free) with coconut, Kaffir lime, and cilantro, paired with their House Salad of radicchio, endive, golden raisins, red onion, and house vinaigrette.

Stalk - Vegan Noodle Bowl with house kimchi, red cabbage, carrot, pickled beets, scallions, mint, cilantro, tamari broth, and house sambal.


Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro and Bar - Stir-fry Asian Vegetables and Tofu with Chinese broccoli, Napa cabbage, bok choy, snow peas, and carrots with vegan brown sauce. The Larb Gai Jay Salad with soy meat, cilantro, shallots, cucumbers, bell peppers and soy-lime dressing is another option.

Street - Miso Healthy Salad with finely sliced fennel, napa cabbage, kale, celery, spinach, scallions, fresh herbs, snow peas, toasted sunflower seeds, white beans, and lemon-miso dressing.

Rooftop at The Envio - Roasted Salmon with green curry-coconut broth, roasted baby eggplant, squash noodles, basil, and tinker bell peppers.


Hagan’s Grill - Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops Mediterranean (gf) with mushrooms, red peppers, shallots, artichokes, tomatoes, spinach, and Kalamata olives in garlic-olive oil sauce.


Lilac City Grill - Vegetable Dill Haddock , broiled fish filet topped with broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms and creamy garlic dill sauce (order on the side!).



The Black Birch - Whole Smoked Trout with apple-fennel relish, toasted baguette, and whipped garlic.

South Berwick

Engrain - Chicken Bowl with farro, carrots, bok choy, fresh torn herbs, and spicy chipotle sauce. Add a kale salad on the side.



Sea Level Oyster Bar - Grilled swordfish with pineapple salsa and vegetables on cauliflower rice.


Seaglass Restaurant and Lounge - Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail with six jumbo shrimp, cocktail sauce, lemon, and horseradish accompanied with a garden salad of assorted seasonal vegetables.

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