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New Hampshire seems to be having a moment in the literary world.

In addition to a New Hampshire-based novel landing on the New York Times Bestseller List, a noted romance author documented her stay in New Hampshire quite thoroughly. You might even say she…fell in love with us.

Denise Hunter liked New Hampshire and its people so much, she comprised 17 different categories of things she noticed from the Granite State. And while some hit the spot, there were other areas where I was left wondering…did Denise really get out and fully enjoy everything New Hampshire has to offer?

Did she really talk to everyone she could in New Hampshire?

For starters, the state nickname and/or motto. She lists New Hampshire as being associated with “Live Free or Die” and “The Granite State.” But she also refers to New Hampshire as “The Green Mountain State.”

Denise Hunter via Facebook
Denise Hunter via Facebook

I’m sorry…what? Did Vermont’s wooded “Bermuda Triangle” somehow engulf a neighboring state? I mean, sure, we can probably still smell some of that nine-ton ice cream sundae Ben & Jerry built in the '80s, but when were we considered Green Mountain?

Also, on her list of New Hampshire “Teams,” I see just “Red Sox” and “Patriots.” Wow. Did the Bruins and Celtics really let us down that bad this spring? Does Denise not know both of those teams almost moved to New Hampshire years ago?

Denise Hunter via Facebook
Denise Hunter via Facebook

Other categories are “Food,” “Businesses” and “Places”…and not once do I see Dunkin’. America runs on it, never mind New Hampshire! I guess there’s something to the theory that you have to go inside and have a donut so it’s as unforgettable as it was in the '80s.

To check out Denise Hunter’s list – and politely share any other revision – check out her Facebook post.

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