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People are always on the move, buying and selling houses, moving to new climates, creating new circumstances, and changing jobs.  Would you believe over 7.4 million people moved to another state, according to census.gov?

Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona saw thousands migrate to warmer weather, but a few places might surprise you.

The workplace has shifted since Covid-19, and many people can live anywhere since they now work remotely.  This shift has added to migration patterns in and out of the Bay State.

If you live in Massachusetts, there are some mainstays you can do without, especially as you age.  One of those is winter.  Cold temperatures and digging out cars and sidewalks are less attractive when you have other options, like Florida.

gustavofrazao via unsplash.com
gustavofrazao via unsplash.com

Florida was ranked #3 of states Massachusetts residents head to when moving. According to TheFW.com, 9.6% of Bay State residents who moved went to the warmer climate of Florida, which accounts for about 17,000 transients.

The next two places are baffling to me.  Coming in at #2 is New York, with the second most Bay Staters transferring their address there.  New York is a vast state, so this could mean families are migrating to the peaceful and lake-riddled Adirondack Mountains or the stimulation of New York City.  Western New York has wineries, quaint towns, and Niagara Falls.

hazal ozturk via unsplash.com
hazal ozturk via unsplash.com   Adirondack Mountains

18,000 people, or 10.1% of Massachusetts residents, moved permanently to New York state for work, to be closer to family, or simply for a change.

Claire Jones via Unsplash.com Times Square NYC
Claire Jones via Unsplash.com
Times Square NYC

It should be no surprise what the #1 state residents from Massachusetts move to, because it's reciprocal.  Bay Staters moved north to New Hampshire more than any other state.  Income tax, sales tax, and state tax are all lower.  Housing is still affordable in many areas, and there's the beauty of being close to the ocean and the mountains, while also being a short drive from Boston, Portsmouth, or Portland for cultural events.

Straystone/Getty Images
Straystone/Getty Images   Honeymooners Bridge, Jackson NH

Over 19,000 people, or 10.5% of residents, moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts over the past few years, while only 12,000 moved from New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  So look out, New Hampshire.  Bay Staters are coming to you, so watch those housing prices push north, too.

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