One young girl's adventure shows us all that you can take the girl out of Florida but when you bring her to Maine, she'll probably cry.

A Mom of four, Alex Medina shared a silly video on her Instagram capturing the moment she brought her Floridian kids to a Bar Harbor beach in Maine.

This video is hilarious!

People also put out an article on this because of the pure hilarity and truth to it!

Now, as we all know, many of the beaches in Maine are rocky and brown. Nothing like the beaches in Florida with smooth white sand.

The kids were accustomed to the smooth sandy shores of the south and their reaction to stepping on our rocky beaches? PRICELESS.

Alex's daughter, Charlie, who was wearing sandals couldn't make peace with the terrain.

Alex asked her daughter as she was trying to walk on the rocky beach, "What do you think about this beach Charlie?"

The response was filled with truth saying,

"I just want to get outta here!"

She burst out into tears and relayed her wish to escape this unfamiliar setting to her mom.

The comment section was filled with laughter and people agreeing, showing that even grownups can sympathize with Charlie's feelings!

This totally triggers a huge wave of nostalgia for me. Back when I was 5, I moved from Pennsylvania to Maine. Even though it's not as south as Florida, there were tons of unexpected things that caught me off guard. The mountains, the beaches, and especially everyone casually dropping "wicked" into conversations.

So, I get it little girlfriend!

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