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Maine is obviously known for its rocky coast, but it also boasts an impressive amount of mountains and hiking trails. If you're an adventurous outdoorsmen, then this is your place to be. I mean, there's a reason the L.L. Bean flagship is here. But, not all of us actually enjoy strenuous hikes or living on the edge, literally and figuratively. I personally love hiking but I have many friends who won't even entertain the idea. Lucky for all of us, there is a compromise.

Easy hikes! That's the compromise. We all love being outdoors, cleansing our bodies and minds and enjoying the nice weather for the short amount of time that we have it. You don't need to go scale Katahdin to go on a hike; we have plenty of flat and easy walking trails and hikes that still offer beautiful panoramic views, gorgeous trails and scenery, and offer a lovely way to spend the day outside with loved ones, even the little kiddos and four-legged friends.

I've thrown together a manageable list of easy hikes you can do around Maine even if you don't like hiking. They're nice walks on beautiful trails to get you out and moving without having to take on crazy inclines or scary ledges. Whether you just simply do not like strenuous hikes or you need something thats family-friendly for the kids, we've got you covered. Check them out:

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