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Being from New Hampshire, or having lived in the Granite State for an extended period of time, is like being a member of a very exclusive club. It's a club where you choose to freeze your nether regions off for 6 months out of the year, and also pronounce some words funny! But the members of this club are a tight-knit group, and we have each other's backs. We can make obscure references about landmarks, restaurants, and TV commercials that only WE understand. And who doesn't love being in on an inside joke?

Living in New Hampshire is a very unique experience that you simply don't understand if you're from another part of the country. We understand there are certain times of the year where we experience all four seasons in one day. Therefore we are forced to learn the art of layering our clothes. We get to laugh when people from out of town try to pronounce words like Winnipesaukee, Piscataqua, or Kancamagus!

But there is a reason why Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, and so many other celebs love coming back to New Hampshire year after year. Cuz it's awesome! That's why!

We asked our listeners on Facebook how you can tell if someone is from New Hampshire, and the comments came pouring in! Here are some of our favorites:

25 Ways to Tell You are From New Hampshire

One Granite Stater can always sniff out another and these are some tell tale signs!

Are we missing any on our list? Feel free to drop us a comment!

We have a lot of pride in the 603, but that is because we are good at a lot of things (and we're humble to boot!). The beer we produce in state is something we take a lot of pride in. Let's run down the best breweries New Hampshire has to offer:

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