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First of all, I'd like to say I love being a member of the "You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you..." Facebook page! It is very kind of the admins to allow me to be a member even though I am not a Rochester resident. WOKQ has served the Lilac City their country music for over 50 years, and I really like to have my fingers on the pulse of what is happening in Rochester. Plus I'm in on all of their inside jokes now! "Does anyone know if Wendy's is open?" If you know, you know.

A member named Gregg Joseph posted to the group recently saying "You Know You are in Rochester When.." and the comments came barreling in like an unwanted blizzard at the end of March. Some folks had positive things to contribute, some negative, and some just hilarious. Rochester is in a stage of reinvention, and in my opinion they are doing a hell of a job! Downtown is looking awesome and the restaurant scene is out of this world. Revolution has a Michelin star chef. Portsmouth better watch it's back!

I picked my 25 favorite comments and curated this list for you. I'd like to thank the fine members of the "You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you..." Facebook page for delivering this content on a silver platter.

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