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I've talked about this a lot on the air, but the TV show Jeopardy played a BIG role in my life growing up. No matter what everyone had going on we would all gather around the TV at 7:30 and watch it as a family.

If you knew the answer you were supposed to shout it out loud enough for Alex to hear you all the way in California. If someone got it right you'd congratulate that person on a job well done. "GOOD JOB, DAD!" Just like that.

We also got in the habit of BOOing or YAYing the categories depending on how we felt about them. If the category was Musical Theater we would "YAY" it. If it was European Mathematicians we would give it a "BOO". I come from a weird family but are you really surprised?

The passing of Alex Trebek hit me and my family hard. It almost felt like we lost a member of the family. We vowed to continue watching the show to honor Alex's legacy. It's what he would have wanted.

I am always super jazzed to hear about a local person competing on the legendary quiz show. This week one of our own competed on the show.

Her name is Allie Lane and she's a technical editor from Rochester! I spoke to Allie and she said the filming process was a total whirlwind. Like me, Allie and her family are lifelong fans of the show so actually being on it was pretty surreal.

SPOILER ALERT: Allie's episode aired on August 10th on day #2 of Joe Buck's hosting stint. The episode was pre-recorded. Allie fought the good fight but in the end, she came in second to Matt Amodio, from New Haven, CT. Matt will continue his 15-day winning streak.

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