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A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article recalling the old Newington Mall. It led to another piece in which readers and listeners shared their own memories to help me fill in the blanks. In the article, however, I also mentioned the Seacoast’s current mall, Fox Run, and referred to it as “once great” and “shrinking.”

Then on Wednesday, I received an e-mail that the Fox Run Mall would like a word.

I sensed this may be coming. The very week that the Newington Mall pieces ran, I stopped off at the still-living shopping center I had belittled to pick up some jeans.

Once inside, I was happy to see that despite its seemingly bare exterior, there’s still a lot going on inside the Mall at Fox Run. Not only were stores like Foot Locker still where I remembered them (and filled with a decent number of customers), the food court played host to several shoppers as well. The line at JCPenney was about ten-deep.

Was it possible I was (Fonzie voice) “wr…wr…wrong”??

As the Mall informed me rather nicely… yes. And here are just three things I didn't know about the place until recently:

  • Did you know the mall is now dog-friendly?
  • Did you know the first Sunday of every month from April through October, they host a huge car show?
  • And if you missed Free Movie Fridays this summer, fear not: the Mall tells me it will be back just in time for the holidays.

And you know something? My daughter and I will be there. That'll make three generations of Rinemans who've felt Foxy.

To be clear, I like the Fox Run Mall! As I wasn’t even 10 by the time Newington started to wind down. Fox Run was long my go-to. Lots of happy memories live on thanks to shopping the Fox, from Boston Celtics Reggie Lewis and Dee Brown putting on a clinic to the real Prancer from the film “Prancer” making a special appearance. Seriously!

If you’d like to see what’s happening over at Fox Run, check out the official site. But in the meantime, what are your favorite recollections of the Fox Run Mall during its '80s and '90s heyday?

Let me know! E-mail your Fox Run memories to Jon.Rineman@townsquaremedia.com.

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