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Don’t pack up to head down south (or to Mars) just yet. If a recent study is to be believed, New England might just be the best place to extend your life expectancy.

While it may seem hard to believe – especially during a cold, dark winter – four New England states ranked in the top ten in the U.S. for living longest.

So, who made the cut?


Connecticut ranked 10th, with an average life expectancy of 78.4 years of age. Bad news for anyone hoping to see Vince McMahon step down (for real) anytime soon.


Vermont tied Oregon for 7th at 78.6 years of age. Bob Newhart, whose sitcom inn you can stay at, seemed to like it (just stay out of the dreaded Bennington Triangle…).


The Granite State tied for fourth at 79 years of age. So, if you take advantage of one of the best towns for first time homebuyers, get comfortable. You could be there for a while.


New Hampshire’s neighbor to the south tied with an average life expectancy of 79 years of age (probably due to all that safe trick-or-treating).

Meanwhile, Rhode Island placed 13th with a life expectancy of 78.2, while Maine came in 14th at 77.8 (perhaps lower, if Jessica Fletcher’s hunches prove correct).

Ironically, states such as Florida and Arizona, known as retirement hubs, did not make the top ten, ranking 19th and 32nd, respectively.

So where should you flock to if you just need to get away? Hawaii finished first in all the U.S., with an average life expectancy of 80.7.

The study was conducted by the prescription drug website NiceRX.

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