Remember when the San Man spoke at graduation for NYU's Tisch School of the Arts?

Of course, he NAILED IT, and made hilarious jokes to the parents of the graduates that they "screwed up" by letting their kids get a degree in the arts. He basically said they are going to be living at home and working as waiters or bartenders for a LONG TIME.

We love 'em! We can't get enough!

I have always felt a kinship towards Adam Sandler. We’re not friends or anything (though I wish we were), but his movies play a significant role in my life. My brother and I weren't the best of pals when we were kids, but movies like Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and Billy Madison allowed us to find common ground. I knew every time I busted out gibberish my brother would respond with "Billy! No gibberish at the table!" and we would laugh and laugh. We couldn't agree on anything, but we both thought Adam Sandler was the most hilarious human on earth. Still is!

Also, "The Hanukah Song" made me feel like not such an outcast around Christmastime. Thanks for making Hanukah cool again, San Man!

I love the fact that I get to be on the radio in Adam Sandler's home state. I am not-so-secretly hoping that one day he will call into the show and I will be able to die a happy woman.

Cathleen O'Sullivan is a proud Manchester resident, and works security in the SNHU arena! She is a listener of "Kira and Logan in the Morning", and heard us professing our love for the San Man. She told us the VERY fun fact that she bought Adam Sandler's grandma's car after the woman passed.

HERE'S THE TEA: Cathleen bought the car from a garage in Manchester in 1998 or 1999.  It was a two-tone green, soft velour interior Monte Carlo, circa 1980-something!  Total grandma car! When Cathleen bought it, the folks who worked at the garage told her it belonged to Adam Sandler's grandmother. Apparently, she took it to get serviced there all the time! 

The car had super low mileage. Why, you may ask? Did Bubbie not go anywhere? She only drove the car to the hairdresser and to temple! Can you handle the cuteness?! 

Cathleen was born and bred in Manchester, and has always wanted to meet Adam and tell him this. It hasn’t happened yet, but she's not losing hope. He does pop into town from time to time!

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