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With winter in the rear view, the time to plan adventures and road trips is now. For Maine, towns and cities will see tourists pour into the state to enjoy the fruits of Vacationland. From the restaurants and breweries to the parks and beaches.

Bridge in Acadia NP
Miro Vrlik

But every state is home to that one stretch of road that every single person wants to drive. In fact, they almost have-to. That stretch of road that encompasses everything about the state you're visiting (or living in). While native Mainers may have impulsively guessed certain pieces of Route 1 would be the must-drive spot, it's actually not. You'll have to travel downeast to find that perfect slice of Maine roadway.

Scenic view of the awe inspiring nature's landscape in Acadia National Park
Cheri Alguire

In a recent list of every state's must-drive roadways, the Acadia All-American loop was named Maine's must-drive destination. Starting along Route 3, the 40-mile loop has exploded in popularity over the last decade, making it one of the most popular stretches of road anywhere in the United States, not just Maine.

Bar Harbor Maine town square
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So why is it so popular? Because it's truly a snapshot of Maine's beauty. The journey takes you through multiple towns like Trenton and Bar Harbor, filled with their picturesque charm. It also features unparalleled views of the ocean as well as the rocky coastline. You'll have have a chance to grab an iconic Maine lobster roll along the way if you want to stop and chow down.


For the majority of road trippers, the Acadia All-American loop takes about three hours to complete. If you're all about the photos or the food, it could end up taking you a little longer. Plan accordingly.


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