The lottery, if nothing else, is all about luck.

Still, for many, there is a method to the madness. Some play numbers that correspond to significant dates in their lives. Others would rather leave it up to chance.

But is there a strategy for where to play? Could playing your numbers or scratching a ticket at a specific location provide some added luck?

For a select few, some Seacoast locations have provided the luck and paid out heavily in lottery winnings. Here are the seven most-recent Seacoast locations where a significant lottery winner was crowned.

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1. Mobil, Farmington.

Kristina Foster, of Rochester, won $1,000 on her $2 loose change scratch ticket in October.

2. Dover Bowl, Dover.

Cori Godin, of South Berwick, Maine, won $8,000 playing KENO 603 in August.

3. Cumberland Farms, Greenland.

Ashley Letizia, of Exeter, took home a whopping $50,000 in February on a $3 Money Puzzle Plus scratch ticket.

4. Stateline Discount Beverage, Rollinsford.

Zoe Haskell, of Rollinsford, ended up with a $100,000 win on a $5 Platinum Doubler scratch ticket she played in January.

5. Doors Down, Somersworth.

Christopher Moore, of Somersworth, walked away with $1,602 on a KENO 603 ticket in January.

6. The Old Salt at Lamie's Inn, Hampton.

James Feeley III, of Hingham, Massachusetts, played KENO 603 in November 2019 and came away with $3,200.

7. Xtra Mart, Hampstead.

No one on this list compared to Steven Hutchins, of Hampstead, who won $240,000 on a 24K Gold ticket in August 2019.

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