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In this day and age, people expect a lot, whether that's being able to go to a store they are used to, or just getting what they want.

Moving to Maine, I must admit there were things that I expected to see and go to, but was in for a rude awakening.

Sometimes, you have to understand things that may have been "normal" for you before will change, especially when you move. Moving in itself can be a hard and stressful time, so when you have high expectations of your new location and those expectations are not met, you can feel a bit lost. This definitely happened to me after moving to Maine.

Maine has many places to eat, shop and explore. However, there are some stores that you will not be able to find in Maine. I have learned this lesson the hard way by searching for places and activities that I wanted to try out or go back to and realizing that there are not any of them in the state.

Yes, there are many outlets and breweries, but some bigger stores are missing from the state.

When I think about going to a book store, I always think about going to Barnes and Noble. However, driving around, I have yet to spot one. That's because there is only one in the state!

Yes, there are some themed bars in Maine like arcade bars. However, there are so many other ideas that Maine has not touched upon for bars.

I compiled a list of stores and things to do that you would expect to be in Maine but are not.

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