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Some house listings go viral due to the price, while others go viral if a celebrity once lived there. One house in Weare, New Hampshire, is going viral for a completely different reason.

Tommy Bolduc created a real estate listing for 73 Guys Lane in Weare, NH, that is getting a lot of attention due to the photos of this property. Instead of just taking photos of what is included in the listing, Bolduc and the owners decided to take it one step further.

Since this listing was created close to Halloween, they decided to include one scary addition to the photos. What exactly is this addition? Well, every photo included in the listing has a person dressed up as the iconic '80s slasher from "Halloween," Michael Myers.

According to Today, the idea for the listing was a collaboration between the sellers and Bolduc. The decision to add the character Michael Myers in all of the photos was unanimously decided, in hopes that it would add more to the listing or just make people smile.

Michael Myers can be spotted in several areas of the home including the kitchen, basement, bedrooms, and the chicken coop. You may have to search a bit harder in some of the photos to spot the character, but in others he is very easy to find.

Today states that the real estate listing was posted on Friday, September 30th and it has already been viewed over 70,000 times.

The house is a two bedroom, two bathroom cape home on a hilltop that overlooks forests. According to the listing on Zillow, the property for sale is 1,459 sqft and the current owners are asking for $375,000.

If you choose to purchase this home, just know that unfortunately, Michael Myers does not come with the property.

Scroll below to see the listing's photos and see if you can spot the "Halloween" star.

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