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Have you ever heard the expression: "children are better seen, not heard"? What a load of bologna! It is so important that we tell our children at a young age that their voices matter and if they speak up, they can make a difference. It will help them mature into confident, articulate grownups! An elementary school student from Springfield, Massachusetts (Western MA), just exercised his freedom of democracy all for the sake of "taco day" at school.

According to wwlp.com, State Representative Orlando Ramos attended a career day a few months ago. After talking to the students about what it's like to be a State Rep, Carlos opened up the room for questions. Xavier, a fifth grader, expressed his displeasure that there was no lettuce on the tacos served at school. This is all kinds of awesome for a few reasons:

1. I love that Xavier felt passionately enough about the lack of lettuce on the tacos to bring it up in a public setting.

2. I love that he realized that this man who came to his school could make the change happen! Half of the battle is talking to the right people, and Xavier knew how to navigate this at the ripe age of 10.

3: His wish was granted!

Rep Ramos started making moves on this right after he heard from Xavier, and signed a new legislation that from now on lettuce will be included on the menu for taco day, not just at Xavier's school but for the whole district.

The article quotes Rep Ramos:

“I hope this serves as a message to all young people in the city that their voices are important, and they are heard when they speak up, and we’re here to listen.”

Way to go, Xavier! I think this little dude might be cut out for a career in politics!

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