For so many couples, the dream is to have a big wedding. Massive weddings can be a signature event that people remember forever, as we know from movies and fairy tales.

One couple is planning to have that big dream wedding, except they're skipping all the ball gowns and pomp and circumstance. Instead, they're getting married at a place that has meant a lot to them over the years, and everyone is cordially invited to attend.

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Shared on Facebook by Fryeburg Fair, Jim Grover and Kim Shuckerow will tie the knot at the Fryeburg Fair on Wednesday, October 4, at 2pm sharp. They plan on marrying at one of their favorite places on the planet: inside the pulling ring at the fair.

Jim has spent more than 50 years pulling at the Fryeburg Fair. Over the course of those five decades plus, the fair has become a huge part of his life. As love blossomed with Kim, the happy couple decided it made total sense to have their wedding while the fair was happening.

Jim and Kim will have their close friends nearby, as well as their two horses, as they tie the knot. The only other thing they need is a crowd full of witnesses. And that's where they hope you'll come in.

The wedding invitation is open to any and all attendees visiting the Fryeburg Fair on Wednesday, October 4. If you're near the pulling ring before 2pm, you're welcome to witness the couple tie the knot and make history along the way.

The Fryeburg Fair runs from October 1–8.


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