Atlantic White Shark Conservancy fb
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy fb


Researchers initially puzzled by Fat Shark

Those scientists at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy got an eye full on their GoPro when they caught-on film a whopper of shark.

This bad boy’s stomach is so bloated. At first, I thought it must be a pregnant female, but researchers are sure it was a male Great White Shark.


How Big Are They?

This particular shark is massive and that is saying a lot for sharks that can reach a weight of 6,600 pounds, according to

Scientists theorize in the Facebook post that the shark appears bloated because he just had a big meal.

That will be me on Thanksgiving Day. Like the Great White Shark, I tend to just take giant bites and swallow without chewing much.  It takes my wife all day to make Thanksgiving Dinner and I eat it in about 12 minutes.

Where Do They Mate?

Scientists have been studying sharks off our coast for some time trying to decode shark behavior and most importantly, find out where they mate.

We all know that they love to hang off the coast of New England for the seal buffet.

You would think they might be like humans and hook up at their favorite eating spot.

Researchers believe that the Great Whites may be mating off the coast of North Carolina, according to reporting by

I’m sure it's all quite interesting but if I say a skinny shark, I would be walking on water to get away, let alone this monstrously large shark.  Stay safe everyone.

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