Drivers were stranded overnight on I-95 in Virginia

Earlier this week, a massive traffic disaster the likes of which haven't been seen in years -- maybe even decades -- hit I-95 in Virginia. According to USA Today, the stretch of I-95 around Fredericksburg, Virginia, was left at a standstill for between 24 and 27 hours earlier this week due to what Virginia Governor Ralph Northam called "an incredibly unusual event."

USA Today reported that a foot of snow hit Fredricksburg, which residents and town workers knew about from various weather reports in the area. However, the roads remained untreated due to the storm starting with rain, which transportation officials told USA Today would've washed any pre-treatment of the roads away.

What resulted was a scene similar to that not seen in New England since the Blizzard of '78, with I-95 in Fredericksburg a relative parking lot for miles, for hours.

A NEWS CENTER Maine staff member was caught in the chaos

One of the motorists caught in the absolute disaster on I-95 in Virginia happened to be one of our Northern New England own -- NEWS Center Maine Managing Editor Rebecca Stefansky. With plenty of time on her hands and nowhere to go (literally, not even one centimeter moved in hours), Rebecca did what Mainers do -- turned to social media with absolute hilarity, and the highlight of her live-tweeting was the most Maine thing ever.

She took a screenshot on her Waze app just to show how bad the delay actually was before helicopter video made the rounds on socials, and turned to her followers for advice.

Not that Waze was even helping her at all.

Eventually, as reported by USA Today, late Tuesday night, the road had reopened which finally started bringing some (keyword: SOME) relief to the 50-mile backup. And as for Rebecca? She did what good Mainers do -- offered to help.

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