The restaurant industry is thriving here in New England, which is a blessing for the boundless population of foodies here.

Whether you prefer a certain location, atmosphere, or type of cuisine, there's something out there for everyone, and you'll never run out of new restaurants to try.

One of the newest places that will soon open their doors to the public is Two Bees Café + Patisserie, located on 100 First Street in Dover, New Hampshire.

According to their Facebook, Two Bees is "a casual French inspired cafe influenced by the seasons." Their website explains that the menu is inspired by both French and Mediterranean cuisine, and will feature everything from salads to sandwiches, desserts, and pastries, as well as coffee, tea, adult beverages, and more. But what's this about a seasonally-driven menu?

According to the website, the idea of eating what's "fresh and in season" is a French philosophy that owners Rebekah and Ross love. Those at Two Bees therefore pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients, and training their staff on an ongoing basis to provide the best possible service.

Here's a sneak peak at Two Bees, as the staff prepare to open the cafe's doors to the public. Doesn't this look like such a cute place?

An opening date has yet to be announced at the time of this writing, but you can visit their Facebook page to learn more. We're wishing Two Bees Café + Patisserie all the best as they join the vibrant Seacoast restaurant community.

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