Animals Can Predict Weather


Buddy, my rescue pup, can predict a storm coming before the weather alert reaches my phone.  My dog hates rain and windstorms and when we have one coming, hours before, he starts acting up, hiding and trying to snuggle closer to me.  This leads me to be a firm believer that animals can predict the weather.


Can a Caterpillar Predict What Type of Winter we Will Have?


When I stumbled up the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s Facebook page and read about one of their posts, I am a believer.  According to the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s Facebook post, a staff member at one of the Vermont state airports came across a woolly bear caterpillar and took a photo.  The legend says a broad rusty band of fur in the middle will mean a milder winter.  A large black band of fur will mean a more severe winter.  Fuller fur will mean more severe weather.  All brown fur will mean a mild winter and the worst-case scenario would be an all-black woolly bear caterpillar means a super severe winter.


Winter is Coming, there can be no doubt about that


Winter is coming, but how bad will this one be?  According to the photo of the caterpillar taken by the member of the Vermont Agency of Transportation, it may be mild, but that woolly bear has a lot of fur so maybe it will start mild and then get worse.  To those who think I am crazy looking to animals for signs of a good weather forecast, think of how often your local weather person is wrong!  I trust the caterpillar.




I find this kind of fascinating. Speaking of fascinating...

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