I only have one season of skiing under my belt and my skills are comparable to that of a seven-year-old.

No, I'm not being modest. This is what I look like skiing:

But even after my short time on the slopes, I can tell you that it is wicked annoying to spend half of your day on the mountain waiting in lift lines! If you decide to go skiing on a holiday weekend or school vacation week, FORGET ABOUT IT.

Last year I went to Loon, Gunstock, and Killington a few times. Killington was by far my favorite because it had so many options for beginners like me! There was a plethora of green and blue trails for me to practice on. Plus I had a really amazing and patient instructor who helped me so much in just a two hour lesson! Shout out to Glen, you da man!

They are doing something a little different at Killington this year and I am here for it! You know how sometimes you see people with Fast Passes at Disney world and they get top hop right on Space Mountain and not have to wait in line with the peasants? It's just like that only for lift lines!

According to Boston.com, Fast Tracks passes will start at $49 per day. Not everyone thinks it's a great idea.

An instructor who has been working there for 37 years said:

“My initial, emotional reaction was it’s nickel and diming,” Graziano told Boston.com. “It’s another fee on top of a very expensive sport that’s becoming less and less of a family sport and more and more of an elitist or very expensive sport.”

My view is that no one is making you pay the additional fee. But it's nice to have the option if you want to enhance your experience.

What do you think?

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