It just came out that the Nationwide jingle is the number one memorable advertising jingle of all time.  The runner-up is McDonald's "Ba-da-ba-ba-baaa...." I'm lovin' it. Whether you love or hate jingles, you can't deny they are an effective form of advertising. I find myself walking down the halls of our radio station singing "Nationwide is on your side" for no good reason. I don't have Nationwide, and I'm not even sure if they are on my side. But it's a good song none the less.
It got me thinking that we have TONS of catchy slogans and jingles here in Northern New England! We play many of them on our radio station, and you best believe they are stuck in my head all day long. I also asked around, because I know there are plenty that were very popular before my time.

Red's Shoe Barn Jingle

Story Land - "Where fantasy lives"

Water Country - "Have some fun!"

Ross Furniture - "Closed Sunday, see you in church!"

Hilltop Fun Center -"Fun Center, Fun Center!"

Studley's Florist - "The difference will delight you"

Foss Motors - "Foss Motors has the magic... Foss Motors makes you #1"

Green Mountain Furniture - "Green Mountain Furniture has more than meets the eye"

Marden's of Maine - "I should have bought it when I saw it at Marden's"

Canobie Lake Park - "#1 For Family Fun in New England"

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