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Jay Leno has said repeatedly that the biggest challenge for standups (in terms of longevity) is simply just getting on stage, and making themselves go out, get in the car, and tell jokes.

So, it’s no surprise that the Andover native is set to return to the stage this weekend, less than two weeks after an accident that nearly cost him his life.

“Back on stage this weekend!” said Leno by e-mail, after joking to “Stay away from the red hot Doritos!”

Leno was working on one of the many classic cars he buys and restores in his free time when an explosion left him with second and third-degree burns on his face, hands, and chest. The former Tonight Show host made his first public appearance upon leaving the hospital this week.

Jay Leno was the first person who ever looked over my jokes after an unexpected phone call. He would even use some on his show long before I supervised the monologue for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Leno's note came in response to an e-mail where, rather than just sending more well-wishes, I thought I’d throw in some jokes:

“We’re all sending well wishes to Jay Leno, who is recovering after a car he was working on caught fire. It was shocking – that the car on fire was NOT a Tesla.”

“Doctors say Jay Leno is doing well and in good spirits. In fact today, he requested a hospital gown made out of denim.”

“Jay Leno is expected to make a full recovery. And this is impressive – even his X-rays got more viewers than Jimmy Kimmel.”

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