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The Warrens were paranormal investigators that helped and dealt with many hauntings. Some of the hauntings that the Warrens assisted with were even made into movies, that I'm sure you've either seen or heard about. "The Conjuring" and "The Amityville Horror" are a couple of films that are based on the Warren's investigations of the supernatural.

However, over the years the Warrens had collected many artifacts that were said to possess demonic entities. The Warrens took the artifacts back to their house where they were stored in their basement in Connecticut.

With crosses on the walls, the Warrens opened up the Warren Occult Museum, where visitors could go and see some of the artifacts that were said to hold demonic spirits.

Let's fast forward a bit, both Mr. and Mrs. Warren have passed away and the Warren Occult Museum is closed for visitors. However, all the artifacts remained there sitting in the basement.

I stumbled on a TikTok the other day that had me shocked. There was what I would assume was a team of paranormal investigators that moved the possessed doll, known as Annabelle, from one wooden box to another. They prayed while doing the transfer, however, I always thought that if you touched something haunted it was bad juju.

With some further digging, I found out that even though the Warren Occult Museum is closed, this year some of the haunted artifacts will actually be leaving the museum for a paranormal convention.

That's right, not only Annabelle but more artifacts that supposedly hold demonic entities will be moved out of the museum.

On Saturday, October 29th, there will be the Warren's Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon at Mohegan Sun. This convention will have guest speakers such as paranormal investigators from the TV show "Ghost Adventures" and if you want, you can pay extra and go see part of the Warren Occult Museum.

Now, I have always wanted to visit the Warren Occult Museum, however, I feel that moving the objects will just annoy them even more. Plus, they are being moved out of the safe space that the Warrens created. So honestly, I'm not sure if this is an event that I would be interested in attending.

If you are up for a thrill and want to visit (or revisit) some artifacts from the Warren Occult Museum, you can find more information and tickets here.

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