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Never would I have thought that a mandala would show up on Hampton Beach here in NH, but it has!

Check out this pic of one here on Hampton Beach that was taken by Cathy Roesinger Sloane yesterday.

Facebook/Cathy Roesinger Sloane
Facebook/Cathy Roesinger Sloane

What is a Mandala?

Mandalas, by definition according to Wiki, are an artistic pattern that represents the cosmos, but originally, it was meant to represent the whole of life itself.  The mandala serves as support and focus for the one who is meditating.  Do you ever get in the groove of say.... one of those adult coloring books or trying to put a puzzle together?  It's kind of like that, just a different and much more intense form of meditation.

Why would you spend so much time doing something like this only for it to wash away?

That is a big question.  As you can see from this picture, that it has taken the artist a long time to create.  The beautiful pattern will, for certain, be washed away in a short amount of time.

Creating Sand Mandala is a practice around the world

According to this YouTube video and narration, Tibetan Buddhists create sand mandala while meditating as a way to transform the mind.  The Buddhists imagine themselves breaking down barriers of their own lives and to transform in to the Buddha.  They don't believe that death is the end.  Also, you shouldn't be attached to anything.  The destruction of the mandala represents returning to the elements, as we do at the end of our lives.  WHOA!  Deep stuff here and it's not even 4/20 yet.  That's tomorrow.

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