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Most of us know that it can be dangerous driving in New England, especially in the winter months. However, there is one road in Massachusetts that is even more dangerous to drive on no matter the time of year, Route 44.

According to AAA, Route 44 may be the most haunted road in the country.

Most parents teach us not to pick up hitchhikers, and if you choose to drive on Route 44 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, you definitely do not want to stop for anyone.

What Does this Hitchhiking Ghost Look Like?

According to What-When-How, the hitchhiker is 6-foot tall, is well built, has red hair and beard, wears a red flannel shirt, and work boots. Apparently, many people have passed away on this road, one individual fitting this exact description.

Luckily there is a way to know that this ghost is not human, What-When-How writes that people claim that the man's eyes are lifeless.

The Haunting and Witnesses 

AAA states that some individuals have picked up this hitchhiker off the side of the road, have seen him appear in their rearview mirror, and even pressed against the car while the vehicle was in motion.

What-When-How writes about some of the individuals that have encountered this hitchhiking ghost. One woman's car battery died shortly after stopping to pick up the hitchhiker, who disappeared while going for the handle to open the door. Granted he couldn't be seen, the woman heard the man laughing after he disappeared.

One instance of this disappearing would have really freaked me out, one witness saw the man appear in the backseat of his car through the rearview mirror. As if not seeing someone randomly appear in your backseat was bad enough, the car's radio started to scan through stations at a very loud volume that shook the car. Of course, the ghost disappeared but did not leave the man feeling alone as the hitchhiker's laugh could be heard through the speakers in the car after vanishing.

If you choose to drive on Route 44 beware of the redheaded hitchhiking ghost and his tricks.

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