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Typically when I open my front door, I see steps. And pavement. And my truck. And eventually my dog when he decides to stop being spoiled and sashay his way out the door and walk passed me to do who knows what for who knows how long.

But never, ever, have I seen a bobcat. In fact, the only bobcat I've ever seen (in person, anyway) is the old logo for my elementary school, Barron School in Salem, New Hampshire (the one with Canobie, not the witches -- told you, I'm forever making that reference after I say "Salem").

We were the Barron Bobcats and our school t-shirts had a big ole bobcat face right on the stomach (I think, anyway? There's a solid chance I could be thinking of the Bayside Tigers from Saved By The Bell, which clearly shows how much I try and ignore reality sometimes.)

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But I digress. I was on the New Hampshire section of Reddit scoping out what's happening around home, and came across this picture, which is a screen capture from Reddit user Alf_Fendez showing a bobcat LITERALLY right at the front door. Hanging out. Maybe looking to make friends.

[Seacoast] Had an unexpected visitor at the front door this morning... from r/newhampshire

I feel like I'd be equal parts intrigued/think it's cool, and freaked out. For no other reason than I don't know what bobcats do -- do they beat down doors (or eat them) to get inside your house and eat more? Do they just want a belly scratch and some love? Obviously I'm being facetious, but seriously, can you imagine just strolling to your door (or getting an alert from your Ring doorbell) and seeing A BOBCAT? Actually, first thing I'd do is make sure I know where Remy (my dog) is, if we're being serious.

Although, he may be safe. He would definitely try and play with a bobcat (he legit tries and plays with ants if they cross his path), and bobcats don't seem to hunt dogs for food. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, their diet includes mice, squirrels, woodchucks, moles, shrews, raccoons, foxes, domestic cats, grouse, various bird species, reptiles, porcupines, and skunks.

Some of the comments on the Reddit post were as entertaining as pondering a random bobcat popping up on your front steps, too:

HeenDaddy710 - "Did you catch him, I've always wanted a guard cat." (He shall be your squishy, HeenDaddy710.)

JeffersonsDisciple - "I wanna pet him." (You may want to put on a steel hand like Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones had so he/she loses teeth instead of you losing your petting hand.)

A week ago, bobcats were seen playing in Sandown, New Hampshire, and a few months ago, this video of a few bobcats in Littleton, New Hampshire, surfaced.

Although, after watching that video, I kind of wanna pet one, too...

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