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In Maine and New Hampshire, there is plenty of moose wandering about. You may see one while driving along the road or highway.

According to the Town of Carroll Police Department in New Hampshire, last Thursday they said that they told drivers to be careful driving at night since moose are on the move. There is even a sign to "break for moose," because hitting one is highly dangerous for both the moose and the driver.

Town of Carroll Police Department via Facebook
Town of Carroll Police Department via Facebook

Well, it seems that one person did not listen. Town of Carroll Police Department states that this morning at 12:33 am they were sent to a car versus moose accident on Route 302 East. They did not go alone, the Twin Mountain Fire and Rescue also was called to the scene.

Luckily, the driver is safe. According to Town of Carroll Police Department, the male driver only sustained minor injuries. Due to glass from the car, the driver only had cuts to his arm and head. After being looked at by the Twin Mountain Ambulance, the driver was said to not need any transport to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the moose had passed away upon impact and the driver will not have a car for a bit since it was towed away from the scene.

If you are wondering what a car could look like after hitting a moose, there is a picture of his car.

Town of Carroll Police Department via Facebook
Town of Carroll Police Department via Facebook

The driver took on the moose head on. His front window is completely smashed in and he no longer has a passenger side mirror. I'm unsure of what else was affected by this hit, however I'm sure there was much more damage done to the car.

The driver is definitely lucky to only have minor injuries. Moose are out and about and will not always stop for you. It's important to buckle up and drive slow at night, so your car doesn't end up like this.

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