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There are many vampire movies out there, 'Blade,' 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' 'Interview With A Vampire,' and 'Nosferatu,' just to name a few. However, there is one vampire film from the '80s that I could never stop watching, 'The Lost Boys.'

"Thou shall not cry," 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the 1987 vampire horror film 'The Lost Boys' starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Alex Winter, and Kiefer Sutherland.

Now, if you've seen 'The Lost Boys,' you know Tim Cappello, the saxophonist, who performed on the Santa Carla Boardwalk. Shirtless and oiled up, Tim Cappello, made that scene worth watching.

If you are a fan of 'The Lost Boys,' then you will be happy to know that there will be a special screening of the film in Worcester, MA later this year. On Saturday, August 13th Ralph's Rock Diner will be holding a screening of 'The Lost Boys' at 8 pm. However, it gets better.

Ralph's Rock Diner will be having a special guest at the screening, you guessed it, saxophonist Tim Cappello. At 10 pm, Cappello will be playing the sax as well as doing meet and greets.

The best part is that it is all the same price, there are no extra fees to meet Tim Cappello or hear him play. It will really have you singing "I Still Believe."

The event is only $10 in advance or $12 at the door. However, tickets seem to be going fast, according to Ralph's Rock Diner's Facebook page, 1/3 of the tickets sold out in just six hours of announcing the event.

Grab your friends and get ready to watch some '80s "bad boy" vampires, the Frog brothers, fantastic quotes and movie ending, and meet Tim Cappello.

You can find more information and tickets here.

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